As soon as it was allowed to sell soda and beer in cans in Denmark, it was very clear to see in the landscape - it still is. Never mind where you go in nature one is about to stumble over a flattened can from one brand or the other.

I think this is very annoying - and also creates mixed emotions within me.

Annoyance about how easy it is to just "throw away the empty can" wherever you are. It can hardly pay of to keep the can and collect the collateral, and further more it is almost impossible to store all the cans one now consumes; hence it is now much easier to buy them. Therefore one now is "obliged to" get rid of the can - on the road, the beach or in the forests.

This brings me on to the mixed emotions - the can, which is lying on the ground scrunched by cars, the can, which is lying on the beach or in the forest is scrunched by feet. Al cans wear by wind and weather - then they become very fascinating hence I have to collect them. Pictures come out of that - with cans inbuilt in the paper, added sharp words as a companion - if I could only pinch someone's conscience a little.