- often it is necessary to study the subject and history in depth to know find out what happened - maybe to find inspiration or experience, maybe to remember.
 - if one is supposed to extract something out of experience of activities, there should be comments attached to it - if possible.


Kirsebærfestival 2014 (cherryfestival)
- Kerteminde
18. - 20. July
I will take part in this Kirsebærfestival
and I will make some large cherrey sculptures.
On this site there will be information about the
project - so follow the site.
- visit also 

AF logo 14

International Art festival - Kerteminde 2014
28. June - 6. July 
28. June - opening of the festival
at Lundsgaard estate near by Kerteminde at 11 am

I will take part in this Art Festival with a Special Event
On this site there will be information about the
project - so follow the site.


Lions Club Art Exhibition 2014
- Art exhibition in the Spring in Kerteminde Hallen 
5 . - 6. April
Saturday 11-17 - Opening af the exhibition at 11 am
Sunday 10-17



Art Festival 2013

Lions Club - spring art exhibition
The sportscenter, Kerteminde
6. - 7. April

"Guld & Galleri"
Peløkke, Rudkøbing, Langeland
5. - 30. April



Odense University Hospital
Department N2
15. August - 10. October 2012
Various works exhibited.

Odense Central Library
9. July - 12. August
Exhibition at the entrance
Østre Stationsvej, 5000 Odense C

International Art Festival - Kertemindelogo art festival
30. juni - 8. juli 2012
Studio - A62 take part in the festiavl 2012
In and around the studio there will be an exhebition
and I will do some art work during the week.
Beside my studio I will exhibit in the surroundings.
Further more there will be an exhibiton somewhere in the
public space of "works of the day".
Follow this web site for further information - or the web site of
the art festival

In the Festivalcatalog - p. 90-91, you can read about my exhibition
and at the map you can find me at no 22
Written in the catalog is:
Handmade paper creates a textile effect which inspires me
with a new form of creativity. Creating my own paper,
deciding the format and choosing the elements that make up the
quality and character of the paper makes the whole process
even more exciting. The techniques and materials I apply
to my paper are choosen from many different mediums.
At the Art Festival 2012 I work in my studio during the mornings.
Near my in- and outdoor working space there will be exhibitions.
During the afternoons and light summer evenings my exhibition
will be held at and on the pier, southof the harbour,
on the southern beach in Kerteminde. Exhibits will be changed
throughout the week, so there will be a new art to see every day.
Some of my works might be seen in other locations in the town!
Follow my website day to day and find out more:

Limfjorscentret / Art Money Exhibition
Limfjordscentret, Fjordstræde 1,
Doverodde, DK-7760 Hurup Thy, DK
30. June - 2. August 2012
More than 70 art money artists exhibit more than 2000 art money
- visit

Art exhibiton in the spring
  - De fynske kunstneres udstilling
Lions Club, Kerteminde
31. March - 1. April 2012

Kansas Kunstforening/The art club of Kwintet, Odense
- Kwintet, Odense
1. december 11 - 4. januar 12
Exhibiton of paper art and paintings and selected small piecies :
Art Money, tiny sculptures, , konks 

Toldboden, Kerteminde
Bettina Andersen og Lotte Helle
4. - 27. november 2011 

Kunst i Vandtårnet
- in conection wtih the annual Cherryfestival
14. - 17. July 2011

Filosofgangen, Odense
15. - 28. August 2011

Kunstrunden 2011
24. - 25. September 2011

Påskeåbent i Atelier A62

- have a look what´s exhibited on the walls and
se what works I have in process right now.
21. - 24. April 2011
Open all days: 13-17

Forårs Kunstudstilling
Lions Club, Kerteminde
  - Kerteminde hallerne, den gl. hal.
9. - 10. april 2011
Open: Saturday 11-17
           Sunday   10-17

Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg DKplakat
"Braid and Paper3
20. - 28. November 2010
Helle og Mellgren exhibit art works which are braided and moulded in all sorts of material - such as rush, papyrus and paper material.




Odense Center and Harbour area
1. June - 15. July 2010
I take part in the art and culture project
BIRD and make an exhibition
at the Central Library - wich is situated
in the Odense Banegårdcenter / Odense Trainstation
In the station nearby the escalators
- and at the entrance to the Library,
My exhibition is in three large glass showcases

My contribution to the exhibiton will
be around the theme BIRD,
from the angle - Borrowed feathers.

My exhibitin will be on
1. June - 18. june 2010

Thursday the. 3. June 2010,
at 21.00 is the official opening of BIRD
Look at

Lions Club Kerteminde
Art Exhibition 2010
10. - 11. April 2010
In the Sportcenter of Kerteminde Lions Club is the organizer behind the annual Art Exhibition. About 80 artists will participate in the exhibition - and I´m one of them! Come and visit me in me in these nice surroundings.
Saturday 11-17, Sonday 10-17

Filosofgangen, Odense DK
"Used again" - paperart
23. February - 7. March. 2010
In the exhebition there will be works out of handmade paper in which there are effects which has been used before. The works are not titled Redesign because it is not intended to practical purpose. But you can very much use it as a delight to the eye and maybe put on some new thoughts - and be used again and again.

Paper - among others
22. November - 20. December 2009
2. December 09: On the day of vernisage lots of things was happening and a lot of people turned up. It was a very nice day and the atmosphere was fantastic.
Two girls have written about the future and at the vernisage day they made a performance - here you can se they are reading. A musician played the guitar - beuatiful classic music.
You can here have a look from the day.

VG- udstilling - velkomst

VG-udstilling - oplaesning










VG-udstilling - musikken

2. Dec. 09 A few photoes from the exhebition - you can still see the full exhibition until the 20. Dec. 09

VG udstilling - The Present

Paper up and down, in and out. Paper as a messanger of signs and stories.
VærkstedsGalleriet, Gedskovvej 3, 5300 Kerteminde.
Open: Wednesday 13-16, Thursday 13-17, Sonday 13-1
1st Saturday in the month. 11-14


The Studio
Open doors
Saturday the 19. and the 20. September 2009
Both days 10 - 17
The artists in The Studio, Lotte Helle - Anne Wallin - Lis Pilegaard, work and would like to see a lot of visitors.
You can here see former and new art works.
Have a relaxed time, a cop of coffe or tea and get a chat about the work and "whats on the walls".
There is exhibitons and possibility to buy both days.
The Studio
Hyrdevej 11, 5300 Kerteminde
Further questions: call phone no. + 45 24 26 12 20 - Lotte helle

Art-union Nyborg/Ringe Statsfængsel
Exhibition in the art-union.
1. - 30. May 2009

Lions Art Exhibition 2009
5. - 6. April 2009
Open: 11 - 17
Kerteminde - in the old sports hall

The Studio is open on 6. and 7. December 08,
Open both days 11 - 17
in connection with the Christmas-bazaar on:
Sortekilde, Hyrdevej 11, 5300 Kerteminde.
In Atelieret the artists will work and a small refreshment will be served.
There will be rich opportunity to do Christmas shopping both in Atelieret and all around on Sortekilde.

Art and Craft
Claus Bergsgade, Odense.
1. - 31. August 08.
Exhibition i the gallery

12. - 27. July 2008
Together with 12 other members from I exhibit in Kulturspinderiet.
Vernisage 12. July 08
Opening hours: weekdays: 14 -17, weekend: 11 - 17

Nordre Havnekaj, Kerteminde
18. July - 10. August 2008
Artist from Kerteminde and vicinity exhibit for three weeks in Siloen on the harbour wharf. In keeping with tradition the exhibit opens when the Cherryfestival starts.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 13 -16, Saturday-Sunday : 12 - 17

Lions Art Exhibition 2008
6. - 7. April 2008
Open: 11 - 17
Kerteminde - in the old sports hall

Frederiksværksgade 115
D. 30. November 2007 (this new Gallery opens) - July 2008
I am represented among the permanent exhibitors - and I am very excited to permanently show my works in Northern Zealand.
My works deal with different things in paper-art, but also a few canvas with new expressions.

Siloen - "Ud til kanten"
21. July - 10. August.07
Cherryfestival 2007
Siloen, Nordre Havnekaj, 5300 Kerteminde
Open Studios: Sonday 22. juli
Our common studio will be open from 13-17 o´cloc
I will be around to work and talk with the visitors
Drive up the hill to no. 11, entry from the big parking space - or follow the signs with the cherries!
Read more about the Cherryfestival on:

The inspiration came…
5. - 31. July 2007
"VærkstedsMuseet", Gedskovvej 3, 5300 Kerteminde
Dansk Husflids biennale exhibition this time origins in and takes inspiration from the collection in VærkstedsMuseets. Here one could get inspiration, and reinterpret or remodel shapes, ornaments, techniques or materials.
I have signed up to exhibit within the material Paper and got inspired by the many patterns in carving andhad some thoughts about......oh no, you better visit the exhibition yourself - and see, read, smell and hear news about the many inspirations.
The exhibition will travel on to Viborg Stifts Museum throughout most of autumn.

Egebjerg Kunstforening:
Exhibition at Agernskrænten 33, Ballerup
Saturday 30. juni - Sunday 1. juli 2007
Open form 13-17 o'clock on both days.
Also see the notice on:

Papier Objekte von Nordeuropäische Kunstlerinnen
(Paper objects from Northern European artists)
8. - 24. May 2007
- Private view: 8th May 20.00 o'clock
Stadt Norderstedt, FORUM - Kultur und Stadtpartnerschaften
Rathaus Allé 50, Norderstedt
(North of Hamburg at motorway exit Quickborn/Norderstedt)
Norwegian, Swedish, German and Danish artists will be represented:
Sweden: Grethel Brohult, Margareta Mannervik, Wo-Bock Lee.
Norway: Hjørdis Kaland.
Denmark: Kika Møller, Rie Falkenberg, Stone & Paper, Lotte Helle
Germany: Helga Adam, Young-Ja Bang-Cho, Irmgard Nolte, Gisela von Waldow
Link to recordings from the private view, speeches and interviews with some of the artists. - look under "Kultur"

Lions Art Exhibiton 2007
Annual, now for 15 years
31. March - 1. April 2007
More than 70 exhibitors are gathered together here to show their latest new or old known
- 2. April:
I just arrived from the exhibiton - very happy - because I had a nice weekend meeting a lot of positive people. My artist collegues was in good mood too, and that in spite of the weather: it has been such nice days outside. In the exhibition a lot of people gave lots of positive respond to my works - that makes me happy.
Maybe you would be able to visit the exhibiton next year - hope we´ll meet :
6. - 7. April 2008